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The GSI Archives & Research Centre, An Daonchartlann, at the Carlisle Pier (Old Mail Boat Pier), Dún Laoghaire, has a number of unique collections and resources. Detailed information on some of these resources is available below.

It is planned to have an on-line catalogue of the resources held at An Daonchartlann uploaded to this website in due course and also a Digital Archive of the Society's publications, especially the Society's Journal which was first published in 1992. Access to a full listing the Society's publications is available via the panel on the right. 

The catalogue of the Society’s Archives contains items which include published books on Genealogy and history with a large Irish and worldwide collection Genealogical /Family History/ and historical Journals and various Irish Directories.

As mentioned above, the Society’s Archives also contains unpublished material e.g. school and church registers. In organizing the archive the collection has been arranged into twenty four Categories which the Archive Team of volunteers is currently indexing.


This indexation of this material covers a number of the categories, for example, the Society came into possession in the early 1990s of a large volume of documents from a solicitor’s office. When indexing this unique collection of documents it was discovered that they referred to a number of estates in Co. Laois (formerly Queen’s County) and therefore, the collection is called the Laois Papers and is sorted as follows:

  • new Deeds: These are Leases Mortgages, Conveyances, Indentures, Wills, Marriage settlements, Land deeds etc. so far over 900 have been indexed and the work is on-going and can be viewed here
  • Family Papers: These are mainly miscellaneous papers and are currently being catalogued under family names.
  • new Rentals: These are estate rentals and extracts from valuation books and are currently being finalised, however, the project to-date can be viewed here.
  • Maps: The Society's Archives has a small collection of maps associated with the estates in the Laois Papers.
  • Catalogue Listing: The Director of Archival Services has provided a sample of the catalogue of this collection here. Please note that this catalogue listing is not complete as work continues on the Laois Papers. Names, addresses and references to properties in other counties are also found amongst the Laois Papers.

Other collections available for research at the Society’s Archives include:

new  Aliens Register: the society has a photo copy of the Aliens Register 1914-1922 A Division Dublin Metropolitan Police. The people who registered were mainly from Eastern Europe mostly Jews, who had to register with the police. The register has been indexed by name and contains 489 names and can be viewed here.

Obituaries: The Society some years ago acquired a collection of cutting of obituaries from newspapers of Irish people who had died mainly in Canada with some from USA and New Zealand. So far we have indexed over 1500 names and the work is on-going.

The Nuns' Register: This was a project that the Society started some years ago. The plan was to create a register of Irish woman who became nuns, many of whom entered convents in many parts of the world. Initially a lot of research was done and information was gathered form convents around the world. The information gathered so far is now been entered to a data base. So far over 800 have been listed with a few hundred more to do.

School and Church registers: There are various school registers in the Society's Archive, including: Christian Brothers School (Dún Laoghaire) Registers, Harold National School Glasthule and various others. Although some of the registers in the Society's possession have been published, the details are generally provided alphabetically by surname etc. However, this has its complications as many surnames are rendered in their original Gaelic form or a version thereof and others have been Gaelicised. 


Irish-Jewish Community: The Society is only one of four repositories in Ireland to have the copies of Stuart Rosenblatt’s monumental work on the Irish Jewish Community. This wonderful collection of beautifully bound volumes contains copies of the sources found by Stuart throughout Ireland relating to the Irish Jewish Community over the past three centuries.

Microform Collection: The Society has a large and varied collection of resources on microfiche and microfilm which can be viewed at the facility.

CD Collection:  The Society's Archives has a range of resources published on CD and DVD which can be viewed in the computer room at the facility.

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