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The Society was established in 1990 to promote an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of our genealogical and heraldic heritage in Ireland and amongst her Diaspora.

It is devoted to the promotion of the study of genealogy and related subjects as educational leisure pursuits available to all in the community irrespective of age, prior-learning, background or socio-economic circumstances by organising Open Meetings, lectures, workshops, publishing genealogical material, organising group project, exhibiting at major relevant events and the provision of an Archive and Research Centre, An Daonchartlann.

The Society encourages its members, undertaking research in every county in Ireland, to make their research available to others through publication. Through its publications   programme, the Society makes accessible to researchers at home and abroad many sources otherwise not available except in their original state. The collection and repatriation of genealogical material is an important function of the Society’s Archive and Research Centre, An Daonchartlann.


(Pictured above: A Member undertaking research at the Society's Archives & Research Centre - An Daonchartlann - at the Carlisle Pier, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin)

The Society strives to best practice, excellence and high standards in its publications, activities and research and, encourages such amongst its membership at home and overseas.

The ‘Principle of Public Ownership and Right of Access’ to our Irish genealogical heritage is the cornerstone of our national policies on heritage, genealogy and archival matters. [adopted by the Members at the 1997 Annual General Meeting]

The Society is an independent not-for-profit voluntary heritage organisation with an Irish and international membership and it is an incorporated body in Ireland with charitable status. It is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann and has received a Grant of Arms from the Chief Herald of Ireland.

As a registered charity in Ireland, the Society is funded by its members’ subscriptions and kind donations from the general public and from those with Irish ancestry overseas. Membership is open to all interested in genealogy, heraldry, vexillology, social history and related subjects.

[Res: 11/10/863]

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Hereunder are some basic facts about the Society

  • It was founded in October 1990 in Rochestown, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, by four neighbours Joan Merrigan, Frieda Carroll, Jean Reddin, RIP and Michael Merrigan
  • Its members changed the name of the organisation from the Dún Laoghaire Genealogical Society to the Genealogical Society of Ireland in 1999 to more appropriately reflect its activities and its nationwide and international membership.
  • It promotes the study of genealogy, heraldry, vexillology, one-name studies and social history at home and overseas
  • It was a founding member of the ad-hoc 'GRO Users' Group' which was established in 1992 to campaign for the retention of the General Register Office in Dublin. The Society published the Group's position paper on the relocation of the GRO 'The General Register Office Dublin - The Future? - A Proposal by the G.R.O. User's Group'  in April 1993.
  • It has a democratically elected Board of Directors which deals with the day-to-day operation of the Society
  • It is an independent voluntary non-governmental educational heritage organisation
  • It is entirely funded through its membership subscriptions and occasional donations
  • It hosts two Open Meetings each month, except December where there is no Morning Open Meeting.
  • It is a membership based organisation
  • It also has an international membership and an Irish based membership.
  • It publishes a monthly newsletter – Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette”
  • It publishes an annual journal and occasional publications, including memorial inscriptions.
  • It organises group projects - recording memorial inscriptions etc.
  • It initiates and conducts national campaigns on various heritage related matters, including the drafting of legislative measures. [See ‘Campaigns’ on Home Page]
  • It was the first Irish genealogical organisation to propose the early release of the 1926 Census during the debate on the Statistics Bill in Seanad Éireann which came into force in July 1993.
  • It was a founding member of the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations (CIGO) which was established in Dún Laoghaire in July 1994, however, differences on public policy matters led to the Society terminating its membership in 1998.
  • It was the first genealogical or heritage organisation in Ireland to adopt the 'Principle of Public Ownership and Right of Access' to our heritage, including our genealogical heritage, in October 1997. 
  • It has charitable status in Ireland (CHY 10672)
  • It is a Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann (Educational & Cultural Panel)
  • It is a company limited by guarantee registered in Ireland under the Companies Acts
  • It has a growing Archive and operates a Research Centre—An Daonchartlann.
  • It has a Grant of Arms, Heraldic Banner and Badge from the Chief Herald of Ireland
  • It is Ireland’s premier publisher of genealogy
  • It restored the Martello Tower at Seapoint, but it vacated the building as it was atmospherically unsuitable for the storage of the Society’s archival collections and now has its own Archive and Research Centre, An Daonchartlann, at the Carlisle Pier in Dún Laoghaire.
  • It is a member of the international Federation of Family History Societies and affiliated to over 200 organisations world-wide
  • It is also a member of The Wheel, the Holyhead-Dún Laoghaire Link and Integrating Ireland.
  • It is committed to social inclusion and has adopted a Social Inclusion Policy
  • It has a Social Club which organises social events and functions for the enjoyment of its members, their families and friends of the Society.
  • It always welcomes new Members from home and overseas

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Company Number



Genealogical Society of Ireland Limited

Registered Office

11, Desmond Avenue

Dún Laoghaire

Co. Dublin


8th November 2000

Next ARD

8th May 2013

Last Accounts Lodged with the Companies Registration Office

31st December 2011

Registered Business Name

Genealogical Society of Ireland

Business Name Number



8th September 2009

Registered Business Address

Carlisle Pier

Dún Laoghaire Harbour

Co. Dublin

Charity Registration

CHY 10672



Society Founded

25th October 1990

Original Name (1990-1999)

Dún Laoghaire Genealogical Society

Name Changed by Members 19th Oct. 1999

Genealogical Society of Ireland

Arms, Heraldic Banner & Badge granted by Chief Herald of Ireland

15th March 2001

(Formally Presented 23rd July 2001)

Nominating Body for Seanad Éireann

2006 and on-going

 Copies of the Annual Accounts and other corporate information on the Society are available from the Companies Registration Office

 Annual Reports are published inIreland’s Genealogical Gazette'

Michael Merrigan, MA, FGSI, Company Secretary

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